Trapped Ulnar Nerve

Trapped Ulnar Nerve From Motorcycle Accident

September 03, 2011
I have the same issue with my left hand which is my dominant hand, weird thing is I know what caused mine – 2 motorcycle crashes 7 months apart at a high speed. I have been complaining to my doctor for 4 years, that my hands are not the same especially after the last crash June 1st, 2008. My middle finger, ring and pinkie were bent after the crash and never straightened.

Long story short, 3.5 years, tested for ALS 3 times all for them to tell me my ulnar nerve is trapped and best of luck. New appointment with a sports orthopedic surgeon the 19th of this month that actually listened to me. I really hate doctors!!!

The new doctor sounds like he will listen since his nurse actually spent 25 minutes on the phone with me when making the appointment.

I felt compelled to post on your story and almost relieved that other people suffer from the same issue.



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    Response – Michael,
    My surgeon gave me the option of surgically relocating the ulnar nerve so that (in my case) it’s not that easily pinched in the future. Since you say your doctors indicate a “trapped” ulnar nerve you may want to question your new doctor if this option is available for you (but if it was I would assume that your previous doctors would have suggested it). Good luck. Tanner

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